Black Lives Matter v. All Lives Matter

I’ve often heard the response. “All Lives Matter,” when someone says, “Black Lives Matter.”

The best analogy I’ve heard is about cancer and disease. People wear pink ribbons and fundraise to show their support for the fight against breast cancer but no one says, “Hey, all cancers matter!” When Jerry Lewis did his muscular dystrophy fundraisers, people didn’t say, “Hey, all diseases matter!” If your response to Black Lives Matter is that All Lives Matter then it just seems insensitive to the people trying to bring attention/support to the disproportionate inequality some Blacks feel.

Much like you wouldn’t go to a breast cancer fundraiser and respond with all cancers matter, not just breast cancer. No one is claiming that all lives don’t matter or all other forms of cancer and disease don’t matter.  Just this their way of bringing attention and trying to gather support for their particular issue.

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Warrior, Prisoner, Homeless, Lawyer

The Indianapolis Monthly has published a story about a man that overcame combat, prison and homelessness to become a lawyer.  Please click here for the story.

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If you haven’t read the article in the Indystar about Marion County Judges paying a fee to receive the endorsement of their party then click here.  If you do read it, please keep in mind that not all candidates that run for judicial office agree to pay that fee. 

I want to vote for judicial candidate that is more concerned about earning the endorsement of the People not paying the Party. Dave Hennessy is just that type of candidate and he’s got my vote! I hope he has yours.

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ObamaCare and Private Business

I recently found out that private businesses (CGI, Serco and Equifax, among others) built the federal health cafe exchange website. So, what is all the hoopla about the government building a website that doesn’t work when it fact it was built by private business?

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Ex-State Trooper, David Camm, Not Guilty of Murdering His Family


After thirteen years and three jury trials, David Camm was found not guilty!  I have no clue on whether he did the crime or not but the State of Indiana’s case seemed weak.  I think the verdict was appropriate giving the information that was released about the case. To read more about it, click

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Model Images

RCS_3338 - Pretty Smiles

Click here for one of my favorite models. Kristina was one of the very first models I did a photo shoot with and she was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to day we can work together again.

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Examples of Right-Wing Lunacy

Politics or Poppycock

Sourced from:
By Janet Allon
From the Mean-Spirited to the Asinine: 7 Prime Examples of Right-Wing Lunacy This Week


Photo Credit: Justin Hoch/Hudson Union Society/Wikipedia

September 28, 2013  |  

1. Ken Blackwell: Cutting Food Stamps, Oh So Christian

Obviously, the adjective “Christian” has gone through a lot of permutations since Jesus died. Now, apparently Christian means purposely not helping people who are down-and-out. That’s the interpretation that Family Research Council fellow Ken Blackwell was going with when he said this week that “nothing is more Christian” than the massive ($40 billion) cuts to food stamps passed last week by House Republicans.

Apparently though, the Pope has not heard about this newfangled kind of Christianity. Pope Francis broke with Vatican tradition recently to remind his flock that money—and the preoccupation with gay marriage—has led them astray, and helping the less fortunate is very much a Christian value.

But no…

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Every Day is Patriot’s Day and a Day of Remembering

Always remember the patriots of this great country and never forget your family and friends.

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Peace & Unity Festival

T’52 week 50 – War/Peace

If you can find someone to help and support the event please let them know and give them this information. Here is a link to the information Facebook page.

Any non-profit organizations are more than welcome to attend and bring their flyers and materials as well. Ms. Elena Miller is the organizer in Indianapolis, Indiana and together with others she is organizing peace marches in the U.S. and over 55 countries around the world on Saturday, September 21, 2013 – the International Day of Peace, at the downtown Indianapolis City Market. We would love for you to come and all your friends and their families as well. We are making this a cultural event with music, poetry, dance and games for kids, so we hope that everyone will enjoy it.

Thank you very much and we hope to have you there! Peace, love and unity! Together as one!

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Day 20: Fell Short

I didn’t get to make the goals for the day because of lack of planning but I’ve been doing pretty good this month.  Only the second day this month that I didn’t accomplish my task for the day.  I will try and do better on day 21.

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